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Quote and Enroll Online

For a no-cost consultation, call Ken Locke directly at (262) 536-5155.

Some plans and carriers may not be available for online quoting and/or enrollment.  State variations may apply.  Disable any pop-up or ad-blockers before clicking on a link.

Information provided is for illustration only. Plan information and/or rates listed may be subject to change and not current at time of application.  Contact Ken Locke or the insurance company directly for the current product rate and benefit information.

Marketplace Health Plans

ACA Qualified Major Medical, otherwise known as "Obamacare"

Short-Term Medical

Up to 364 days available in most states. Low cost alternative to Marketplace Plans.

Dental and Vision

Individual & Family Plans available from Basic to Comprehensive Coverage.

Gap and Accident

Supplemental Gap Plans to help pay for your deductible and out of pocket expenses.

Medi-Share Program

The Affordable, Biblical Alternative to Health Insurance. Available Nationwide

TeleMedicine Virtual Visits

Connect with a Doctor no matter where you are within an hour.

International Travel Medical

Affordable coverage for when you travel outside the U.S.  Senior Plans also available.

Medicare Plans including Part D, Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement

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