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Most health insurance plans have limited coverage when leaving the United States. It is possible your plan may cover emergencies when traveling internationally.  However, some countries may hold your passport and require cash payment up front to receive medical care even if your policy includes coverage for emergencies worldwide. 

Do not risk being stranded in another country due to your passport being held or for demands of up front cash payment for healthcare. Purchase an International Travel Medical policy.  These policies are designed for your travel. They are affordable, and IMG has staff all across the world that speak multiple languages including often experts in your particular travel destination. They have a PPO network where the providers have agreed to accept Direct Payment making your experience seemless and less stressful.  For the low cost of the policy you can travel with peace of mind knowing if you need medical care you will have a team of specialists to support you.

Click the green button to view plans, rates and apply online.  You can also call Ken Locke at 262-536-5155 if you have any question!


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