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On-Exchange Plans by Molina, Network Health, Children's Community Health Plan, Common Ground Healthcare, Dean Health plan, Medica, Unity Health, MercyCare, and more for Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas & Texas.

Marketplace Plans / ACA / Obamacare (with or without tax credits)

  • Open Enrollment is November 1- December 15, 2023 for plans beginning January 1, 2024.

  • You can also apply with a Qualifying Life Event anytime during the year by clicking HERE.  The most common QLEs are: loss of employer sponsored coverage, marriage, birth of a child, and moving to a new area.  There are other QLEs as well and for more information click HERE.

  • If you do not have a Qualifying Life Event, you can apply for a Short-Term Medical plan which is  available all year.

  • For Marketplace ACA plans, tax credits have been expanded making these plans much more affordable for more individuals and families.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions and Preventive care are covered by Marketplace ACA plans and you cannot be turned down based on your health status.

  • Call or Text 262-536-5155 for more information. on which type of plan is most suitable for you.

  • Ken Locke is licensed to sell Marketplace plans in Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, and other states may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Off-Exchange plans are available from Network Health, Children's Community Health Plan, Arise, WPS, Medica & Common Ground Healthcare for Wisconsin, Iowa, & Kansas

Affordable Care Act plans sold directly by the Insurance Company (not

These are similar plans that are available on the ACA Marketplace ( or see above). However, these plans do not offer tax credits so are typically bought by those who do not qualify for tax credits.

  • Advantage:  Ken remains your agent when you buy through him and you bypass the Federal Marketplace exchange.

  • Advantage: NO government oversight of your income

  • Advantage: Silver level plans often have a lower regular premium than the equivalent Marketplace plan.

Call or Text 262-536-5155 for more information. 

Short-Term Medical Plans for residents of Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, & Texas


Short-Term Medical plans are catastrophic medical insurance designed for new injury or new illness.  Suggested for those:

  • Between jobs

  • Waiting for new job benefits to begin

  • Recently lost coverage

  • Looking for an affordable alternative to ACA (especially if not eligible for a tax credit).

  • Updae! New Term Length Duration now available: 30-364 days (Depending on Plan and State).

  • Plans available in WI, KS, OH (other states may be available)

No deductible health insurance available all year in Wisconsin


Affordable plans with optional zero deductible and basic limited coverage with optional preventive benefits, optional critical illness supplement and optional dental.  Limited Benefit plans are not ACA qualified, but can be purchased any time during the year.  These plans are not considered catastrophic coverage and may leave you with substantial out of pocket expenses depending on the medical event/service.


Nonetheless, these plans are better than no coverage, give access to network discounts, and can offset a substantial portion of medical expenses. These plans also do not expire like a short-term plan and can be kept indefinitely as well as a supplement to a regular medical plan.

Short Term Medical


Adding a supplemental plan to your high deductible health plan is essential!  Click here to learn more about affordable Gap and other plans to help cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

Short-Term Medical Plans for residents of Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, & Texas


If you need bare-bones protection in the event of an unexpected accidental injury, consider a Supplemental Accident Plan.  With rates starting under $30 per month for Accident insurance, you can also add additional protection against Critical Illness and other Sickness.  These plans can pay you cash benefits even if you do not have traditional health insurance.  Many of these plans are Guaranteed Issued, which means you don't have to pass medical underwriting, and they are available all year.  Also strongly recommended to supplement your existing medical insurance and serve as "Gap Coverage" for high deductible plans..

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