Cover your High Deductible with an affordable Supplement!

Low-Cost Supplemental Plans available all year.  Ideal for:

  • High Deductible A.C.A. / Obamacare Plans / Short-Term Plans

  • Active in sports and outdoor activities

  • History of cancer or heart disease in your family ancestry

  • Self-employed without worker's comp.

Benefits May Include:

  • Cash Reimbursement for medical expenses that arise as a result of an injury

  • Lump Sum Benefit paid out upon diagnosis of Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and possibly other critical illness.

  • Per day benefit for Hospital Admission

  • Question:  Do you have an extra $5000 readily available (per person) for unexpected medical expenses?

    • If your answer is "no" don't be surprised!  The Average American has around $500 or less saved for medical expenses.  

    • For typically less than a cup of coffee per day you can have this money available for an unexpected accident or critical illness.

Call 262-536-5155 to enroll over the phone

or click "Get A Quote" below to apply online.

(Online quoting available for Wisconsin and select other states.. Please call Ken if you are in a state other than Wisconsin).

Latitude Select

Monthly Cost:

  • Individual: $29.95 per month

  • Family: $59.95 per month


  • Plan Enhancer allows you to build the plan right for you.

    • AME (Accident Medical Expense) 

    • Optional add-on Cancer & Heart/Stroke benefit

    • Option add-on Sickness Hospitalization benefit

    • $2,500 up to $17,500 in benefits available per person, per incident.

    • Typically when selecting, it is recommended to match your benefit amount to either your health plan's deductible or annual out of pocket maximum.

IHC Solutions


  • MG35 PLAN

    • Supplemental Accident Benefit: $3,500​

    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $3,500

    • Critical Illness: $7,500

    • Optional Add-on benefits include:

      • Independence Dental​

      • Telemedicine​​​​

  • MG675 PLAN

    • Same as MG35 but increases benefit amounts​

  • MG​35S PLAN

    • Similar to MG35 but adds Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery benefit​

  • Additional upgraded plans available (Click on Quote & Buy Online below to view)​


  • Short-Term Medical 

  • Hospital & Doctor Limited Plans

  • Accident & Gap Plans 

  • Critical Illness Lump Sum Benefit Plans

  • Telehealth

  • Create your own unique bundle by clicking on the button below!

Latitude Preferred

Monthly Cost:

  • Individual: $49.95 per month

  • Family: $99.95 per month    |    (262) 536-5155

211 N. Franklin St., Suite 205

Port Washington, WI   53074

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