Information provided is for illustration only. Plan information and/or rates listed may be subject to change and not current at time of application.  Contact Ken Locke or the insurance company directly for the current product rate and benefit information.

Cover your High Deductible with an affordable Supplement!

Low-Cost Supplemental Plans available all year.  Ideal for:

  • High Deductible A.C.A. / Obamacare Plans / Short-Term Plans

  • Active in sports and outdoor activities

  • History of cancer or heart disease in your family ancestry

  • Self-employed without worker's comp.

Benefits May Include:

  • Cash Reimbursement for medical expenses that arise as a result of an injury

  • Lump Sum Benefit paid out upon diagnosis of Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and possibly other critical illness.

  • Per day benefit for Hospital Admission

  • Question:  Do you have an extra $5000 readily available (per person) for unexpected medical expenses?

    • If your answer is "no" don't be surprised!  The Average American has around $500 or less saved for medical expenses.  

    • For typically less than a cup of coffee per day you can have this money available for an unexpected accident or critical illness.

Call 262-536-5155 to enroll over the phone

or click "Get A Quote" below to apply online.

(Online quoting available for Wisconsin and select other states.. Please call Ken if you are in a state other than Wisconsin).

Latitude Select

Monthly Cost:

  • Individual: $29.95 per month

  • Family: $59.95 per month


  • Plan Enhancer allows you to build the plan right for you.

    • AME (Accident Medical Expense) 

    • Optional add-on Cancer & Heart/Stroke benefit

    • Option add-on Sickness Hospitalization benefit

    • $2,500 up to $17,500 in benefits available per person, per incident.

    • Typically when selecting, it is recommended to match your benefit amount to either your health plan's deductible or annual out of pocket maximum.

IHC Solutions


  • Accident Expense and Critical Illness Coverage

  • Optional sickness hospitalization version may be available

  • Different coverage limits may be available

  • Benefits subject to change


  • Short-Term Medical 

  • Hospital & Doctor Limited Plans

  • Accident & Gap Plans 

  • TeleDoc plan available

  • Create your own unique bundle by clicking on the button below!

  • Plans may vary by state and are subject to change

Latitude Preferred

Monthly Cost:

  • Individual: $49.95 per month

  • Family: $99.95 per month    |    (262) 536-5155

211 N. Franklin St., Suite 204

Port Washington, WI   53074

Office Hours By Appointment Only

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