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Updated:  November 5, 2022

A note from Ken Locke:

On November 4, 2022 I tested positive for Covid.  Currently I am battling the virus, and it has not been a pleasant experience. I have rescheduled upcoming appointments, and due to the transmissibility of the virus I am back to phone and virtual appointments only.  It is likely I will maintain this status for the remainder of open enrollment, but I will re-evaluate and consider holding office appointments once I am well and no longer Covid positive after open enrollment concludes.

Click here to schedule or book a phone or virtual appointment. I am currently able to hold meetings via Zoom or Google Meet and we can accomplish everything in a virtual meeting that we would accomplish in an in-person appointment in my office.  If you do not feel comfortable utilizing this technology then I am happy to conduct the meeting over the phone.

Thank you for your understanding!


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