Updated:  January 12, 2022

 A note from Ken Locke:

My office is Open by Appointment Only. As a local health insurance broker, I interact and work with a large number of people considered to be vulnerable to Covid-19. Whether it be seniors, those who are disabled, or others with compromised immune systems, it is important to me to provide a safe environment.


Due to recent growth in cases due to Covid-19, an initial phone or virtual appointment is required prior to any in-office meetings. Click HERE to schedule a Phone or Virtual Appointment. If an in-office meeting is still desired or needed after our initial phone or virtual meeting, then one may be scheduled.

Quick Note about Virtual Meetings: Zoom or Google Meet are very effective and most business can be handled effectively without meeting in-person. However, if you feel uncomfortable with using these services we can coordinate an in-office appointment following an initial phone conversation if necessary.


Information on Office Meetings:

  • Masks are recommended, but not required.  Free masks are available for your use when you arrive if you do not have one with you.  Ken will offer to wear a mask prior to the meeting for your safety.

  • The office is equipped with a HEPA air purifier for your safety.

  • Surfaces and the air are disinfected in between appointments for your safety.

Thank you for your cooperation!